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Why Pest Control

A pest in the wrong place can cost millions.
Rodents, insects and other pests, sometimes might look rather harmless. But imagine a sudden stop in the production line, due to an eaten cable! A delay like that could be disastrous.
More and more enterprises are getting aware of the fact that it is very important to be safeguarded from possible delays and at the same time, to guarantee a safe and professional production procedure, which would be for the benefit of their customers.
Hygiene and safeguard of food products are two very important factors in the food industry and food selling stores e.g. restaurants, coffee bars, confectioneries, bakeries, super markets, etc. Both factors must be considered very carefully.
Despite the inspections performed by the Government Service for Control of Food products, which could result in a serious  fine, the consumers are becoming more and more selective and demanding in what concerns their food. So the slightest suspicion or rumor for non proper products, could be enough to keep them away.
Media is the most effective way of marketing, for a successful business. But you should not give them the pleasure to present reports concerning improper hygiene conditions in your enterprise. On the contrary, you should encourage them to promote a positive image, like the high quality of your products, the very tasty cuisine, the pleasant atmosphere, the excellent service, or the dexterity of your personnel.  There is no reason to imperil the reputation of your firm and the value of your investments, by exposing them to possible damages that various pests can cause.
 A professional contract with APOLIMANSIS SOLUTIONS is the way for a very effective protection against all the dangerous and unwanted invaders.

No one else is more experienced than APOLIMANSIS SOLUTIONS in problems caused by pests and of course APOLIMANSIS SOLUTIONS has the ability to confront them directly and effectively.
We always start our procedure with a detailed inspection of the premises, during which we make an analysis of the danger.
This analysis is the fundamental part of our mutual agreement and it takes part as a preliminary inspection.
The purpose of this inspection is, in one way, to find any weak points which need to be repaired e.g. gaps in walls, and in another, to choose the proper method for controlling  the existing pests.
The pest control plan following the inspection, may include bait stations for rodents, traps and stations for insect and rodent control.
The objective is to avoid any possible damage.
Inspections and applications for control of the existing pests, are performed at certain time periods stated in the contract.
The pest control system always includes a detailed documentation, consisting of control tables and reports, in order to ensure that the whole procedure follows the right path.
Every inspection is documented accordingly and every dangerous area, indoors or outdoors, is examined carefully.
On the basis of those applications and inspections, an integrated proposal is presented, concerning the protection measures to be taken. 
 All the documentation, including proposals, analysis, reports and certificates, are handed by the company, after every visit and are kept in a file by the client.
If you want to have all the above information on line, you can visit the company’s site, any time.
For more information you can contact us. We shall give you a free of charge visit in your plece, to discuss your problem and find a solution, through our services.
 From the beginning, the objective of APOLIMANTSIS SOLUTIONS is pest management and control.
APOLIMANSIS SOLUTIONS surpasses competition on new application techniques and the company’s success
derives from applying effective methods for pest control, with the least environmental harm (IPM).
For pest management, trust APOLIMANSIS SOLUTIONS and minimize the dangers from pests.

If  your enterprise is involved in food products, catering, retail sales,

If  you are the owner of a building, restaurant, hotel,

For pest management rely on us, so you can spend all your time with your business affairs, without interference.
Our methods for control, do not solely depend on chemical application. The basic elements in our activities are the inspection, the identification of the problem and the definition of sanitation methods for control.
We study the production procedures, the buildings and the premises, in order to propose and to apply the proper method.
APOLIMANSIS SOLUTIONS, a recognized leader in the field of pest control, overpasses the ordinary pest management techniques.
Whichever is your need for professional pest management, you can depend on the reliability and effectiveness of APOLIMANSIS SOLUTIONS.
Professionalism of APOLIMANSIS SOLUTIONS is the ultimate solution for your enterprise, in order to improve and retain the desired hygiene levels, in any case.
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