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House fly

House fly (musca domestica), has a medium size (6 to 14 mm) and is generally grey in colour,
with four distinctive darker stripes on thorax. Female is usually larger than male and  the space between female’s eyes is much wider than this of male.

House fly, like most insects, has four stages during its life cycle, that is, egg, larva, pupa and adult. Lays its eggs on decaying substances, as human and animal manure, garbage, sub products, etc, on which the larvae feed. A female house fly can lay up to 900 eggs during her life time; starts laying eggs 4 to12 days after becoming adult. In periods of high temperatures, the white legless larvae appear after 8 to 24 hours. These larvae pass from three development substages, within a week or less, during the hottest periods and up to 8 weeks, when temperatures are lower. When the last substage is completed, larva moves to a cool and dry place, where it produces a cocoon and becomes pupa. Transformation of pupa to adult occurs after 3 days to 5 weeks. This significant difference is due to the fact that it depends highly on temperature and humidity.

Adults have many hairs on their body, on which germs and dirt is easily carried. The insect’s digestive system is also full of germs, which are left on every surface by droppings and fluid secreted from its mouth.


  Control of house fly
A drastic decrease in house fly population can be achieved by means of suitable preventive and suppressive methods.

1.Preventive methods
Hygiene : Special care must be taken for cleanness of all places, removal and thorough cleaning of garbage bins and generally removal of all organic matter which will be the bed for flies’ reproduction.
Blockade : Protection from entering inside a place, using wire mesh, curtains, or electric air curtains.
2. Suppressive methods

Sprayings : Sprayings of the outside surfaces can be useful for the control of house flies. For having good results, though, it is very important to remove all organic matter from the surroundings which will be the bed for their reproduction. Coating with insecticide bait around doors and windows can also be done.
Fly traps:
1. Electric fly traps


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