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Storage insects

Storage insects infest cereals, flour, legumes, nuts, tobacco and other similar products. Some of these insects are existent without being noticed in time. We usually take notice of the problem, when they have already reproduced and caused damage to the products.
These insects are mentioned as ‘lice’, ‘butterflies’ and ‘worms’. In fact, they are classified as beetles (lice) and moths (butterflies and worms).
Beetles and moths have both four stages in their development cycle: 
egg (ovum), larva, pupa και adult (imago). All stages may be present on food products, but eggs are so tiny, that we can hardly see them. Larva, in some cases, is the most destructive stage, but the same is for adult, which is insect’s mostly seen stage.


 Monitoring by using pheromones is a big step forward for control of insects in time. Pheromones are chemical substances released by an individual ( in this case the insect ) in the environment and they are used for communicating with other individuals of the same species . There are sex pheromones ( female usually attracts male ), gathering pheromones , tracing pheromones ( in ants ), etc . Pheromones are used in traps, in order to find out the presence of an insect species in a certain area . In this way , the presence of the insects can be noticed in time, for measures to be taken (e.g. chemical control), before they reproduce and cause damage . Pheromone traps are used mainly for monitoring and rarely, in special cases, for controlling insects . Installation of pheromone traps does not mean that other treatments, like the application of an effective program for insects’ control, are to be decreased or abandoned . Pheromone traps are usually placed in store houses and food processing plants, but they placed also in the kitchen of a house, as well .
Another effective way for insects’ control is the use of ttaps containing a certain food-like attractive substance for every insect . 
  Successful control
The successful control of storage insects, so much in products what in spaces, becomes with fumigation, if the conditions they allow it.
The fumigant that usually used it is  phosphine PH3.
The advantage of fumigation against other methods is that it kills the insects in all stages (egg-larva-pupa-adult).
Sometimes become applications with insecticides, an approved deltamethrine (K-OBIOL) at the products or Organophosphorics (ACTELLIC 50) in storages or surrounding space so much preventively, what repressively.
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