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fruit fly

Fruit flies (drosophila melanogaster), are small flies with a length of 3-8 mm (including the wings) . The basic characteristic of fruit fly is its eyes, which are red in colour. The head and chest are blackish and the abdomen a bit darker.
The key to control the fruit fly is to find and get rid of the reproduction habitat. During the search for these habitats, you must have in mind that the larvae of this insect can live only on humid decomposed organic matter. So, the obvious place to find and control the fruit fly, is where fruits and vegetables are stored outside refrigerators.  It is also found in wine and vinegar producing plants.
Although there are several methods, like sprays and food atractive traps ( FRUIT FLY TRAP) to control these flies in the house, the restaurant or the factory, the problem can not be solved without getting rid of the sources.
A spray with pyrethrin can be used for direct and quick decrease in flying adult populations.
This spray can also be used by those who want to control parasites in places where fruit flies reproduce.
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