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Most ant species are highly social insects living in permanent nests, which according to the species, may be built into the ground, in timber, in walls’ hollows or gaps in roofs.
They are usually brown or black in colour, although there are some species with different colours, like red, yellow or white.
Ants are very strong insects, managing to carry loads 25 times heavier than their own bodyweight.
The estimated life span of an ant is 45-60 days. Ants use their antennae not only for touching, but also for smelling. On their head, there is a very powerful pair of jaws, functioning like scissors. Adult ants are not able to chew and swallow solid food. They can only swallow the liquid from food pieces they compress, throwing away the remaining solid part. Ants have two composite eyes, each one of which, consisting of many smaller eyes.
There are four distinctive stages during an ant’s life cycle, that is, egg, larva, pupa and adult. More than 10.000 species of ants are known, varying in size, color and habits.
An ant colony consists of the queen (or queens, if it is too extended) and numerous workers. Queen and workers, are all female. Workers are the ants we very often see carrying food or digging holes for nesting. The queen stays in the nest and her only concern is to lay eggs. There are also male ants, living sometimes in the nest. Their only task is to mate with the queen. After mating, they usually die.
Ants can cover long distances  searching for food. Even in the cleanest place, ants may find some quantities of food. In that case, great numbers will invade the place, making it necessary to call for professional aid, to get rid of them.
The ant is a very annoying insect, due to its presence in great numbers.
Professional confrontation of the problem is achieved by use of several methods, including baits, growth regulators, repulsive substances, insecticides. All these can be combined, as an integrated approach,   for controlling any infestation caused by ants.
For the control of ants we use: residue sprayings with insecticides of Sanitary importance, placing of insecticides of Sanitary importance in the form of dust at ants’ passages, placing of non toxic ant gel or ant traps and ecological repellant substances, accordingly. We can guarantee excellent results, even in cases of severe infestation, where ants have invaded outside or inside areas, making passages or even nests inside the buildings and coming out of electric sockets and floors. Especially in cases of buildings having gardens and places with increased ants’ populations, regular spraying outdoors  with special spraying pumps and products can guarantee impressive results.
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