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Scorpions are close relatives to spiders and mites. They have flat and level bodies with eight legs and they are easily recognized by the two distinctive pincers (like in crabs) on their head and four pairs of feet, followed by a long tail, consisting of six parts. They have several colours, depending on the species, from yellow to black. Most of scorpions’ species are striped brown or black.
Scorpions are mostly common on mountainous areas of the country. They are usually found under stones, between rocks, in timber piles and under tree bark. They are also found in attics, on walls, or in bedrocks. They invade houses in search of moisture and can be found in the bathroom, drawers, clothes, shoes, or beds. We can easily bring them into the house on fire wood for the stove or fireplace
Scorpions are poisonous, having the poison glands on the rear end of their tail. Sting is painful. Most species are not really dangerous, but some times and depending on person’s sensitivity to stings, they could cause trouble. In all cases of a scorpion sting, everyone and mostly children, must be treated by a physician.
Scorpions are predatory animals, feeding mostly on spiders and insects. They can survive for months without food.
Control of scorpions

 If there are scorpions around the house or store room, we have, first of all, to throw away all gathered material around the place, like useless woods or irons, cases, stones and everything else that could be a hide out for scorpions. A thorough spraying around the place and in a distance, mainly in front of entrances, could give good results. Dispersion of an insecticide in the form of dust around the house, could also give sufficient protection.


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