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It is well known to everybody that mosquitoes, by their annoying bites,  except for causing allergies and insomnia, they may also transfer very dangerous diseases like malaria, yellow fever, encephalitis, etc. Mosquitoes are reproduced only in water. Hence, stagnant waters like rice fields, lakes, swamps, river estuaries, are the main sources for mosquito development. Stagnant waters must be the starting point for mosquito control, early in the Spring, before the situation is out of control. Spraying can be done either by land, using professional spraying pumps, or by air with helicopters, if  it is for large areas. The products used are mainly larvicides, controlling the larva stage, which is always into the water.

The complete obliteration of the insect is practically impossible due to the fact that they exist everywhere, they can fly long distances and they reproduce rapidly.
Nevertheless, there are modern methods and products, which can reduce the populations drastically and guarantee exceptionally good results, especially when spraying is applied at the right time, frequently and extensively. The use of professional spraying pumps, which have the ability to spray the appropriate insecticide very high and very wide and thus, destroying the insects in their nesting places, is our most effective weapon for the control of these annoying and dangerous insects

Mosquito Cognito, is an appliance for protection against mosquitoes. It transmits through a replaceable pill placed in it, by means of a small fan, the suspending factor Conceal™, which has the unique ability to block mosquitoes’ sense of recognizing human presence (in fact, by perceiving carbon dioxide emission from mammals during exhale).
ATTENTION !!!! Mosquito Cognito is not a repellant, in the sense of emitting a mosquito repellent substance. Conceal™ factor, when transmitted, blocks insects’ sense of smelling; if they can not smell humans or animals, they can not come close enough to see them and if they can not see them, they can not bite them. It is very effective indoors or in outdoor places, such as balconies, back yards etc.
Mosquito Cognito works by means of two AA batteries and the duration of the replaceable pill is 150 hours of non stop working.
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