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ECO TRAP for cockroaches

Ecological trap for cockroaches with sticky surface, containing a food-like attractive substance.  The best solution for a systematic monitor of the appearance and development of the insect, in places as restaurants, ships, houses.
Sticky ribbon with attractive odour, ideal trap for flying insects (flies, mosquitoes). Placed in interior and exterior places, it is completely harmless to humans and the environment. 

This trap attracts many species of flies, including the common house fly.

How it works

Big Bag Rescue Fly trap contains a food-like attractant substance, without any insecticide,
 being active as soon as it is filled with water up to a certain level.
Flies enter the trap, attracted by the odour, through the holes on the surface of the yellow reverse cone
and are drowned in the water.

Special characteristics and advantages
1. They are designed to solve serious problems, caused by large populations.
2. The attractant bait is included in the trap.
3. The bait is diluted and activated, as soon as we put water into the trap.
4. The trap is designed so as to release attractive odour gradually, thus lasting for longer time.
5. Not reused.
6. One trap can collect up to 40.000 flies (we have counted them!!)
Where it is used
Big Bag Fly trap is used outdoors. It will help to control flies outside the buildings, before they come inside.

Proposed spots for trap placing:
Around stables, wheat storehouses, canals.
Around poultry, pigs, sheep, dairy production and meat processing places.
Near garbage bins
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