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Wasps build their nests between walls of buildings, on roofs, in dark basements, in non active chimneys; the nests seem to be made of cardboard, a substance produced from female saliva mixed with wood fibres.
A wasp’s sting is very painful and sometimes it is dangerous, especially for persons with allergicreactions. Control must start by finding the nest, followed by spraying with an insecticide, likeCypermethrin, and finally by destroying  the nest completely.
In an integrated system for control and for best results, we must also use traps with food-like attractive substances as bait. Wasps enter the trap from the holes placed in the lower part and they are not able to come out again. They are attracted by the non toxic bait which is in the trap.
The trap is placed 6-7 meters from the nest and it can be reused.

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