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When fleas invade our home, it is rather late to take preventive measures.

Out of the four development stages of the fleas, eggs and larvae represent the 80% of the population in an infected house.

Adults represent only 20% of the population. The best programs for pest control concentrate in the decrease of immature, rather than the mature, fleas’ population.

There are two basic ways to confront the problem:
You must try to prevent fleas, of any stage, from entering the house and stop the immature stages from growing so as to become adults.

Stray cats are mainly responsible for fleas’ invasion in the house, so we must avoid giving them shelter.

Prevention of fleas:
To prevent fleas from spreading, through the usual hygiene methods, is not impossible, as many believe.

We all know that frequent cleaning of the house with a vacuum cleaner will be a great help to get rid of fleas, but more over of substances like human and animal hair, carpet, bed covering and furniture fibres, on which fleas produce tiny invisible cocoons for their pupae.

Thorough cleaning of the house on daily basis, especially places where pets sleep, eat or play, will reduce the materials used by immature fleas in order to continue their growth.
Suppression of fleas:
In any case, a very careful spraying with the suitable insecticide for the specific insect and mainly with a growth blocking product, will reduce significantly the population and in combination with the preventive methods, mentioned before, will solve the problem.

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