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Rats can reproduce all year long and a couple, under favorable conditions, can produce 700 descendants during their lifetime.
A female rat can give birth to 15 young a time, up to 5 times a year.
Rats can cause extensive damage to food products and buildings as well, by munching, eating and infecting.
They can bite away the isolating cover of electric cables, causing a lot of fires from short circuits and leakage, caused by eating through plastic water pipes.
They thrive anywhere foodstuffs are produced or stored. Their sense of smell and hearing are very keen, but their sight is poor.
They are omnivorous, eating any edible stuff, although they prefer foods rich in starch and proteins.
Rats build rather bulky nests, using any available material and thus destroying even buildings.
Control of rats is very essential, because they may spread several diseases like salmonella and leptospirosis. In some rat populations the number of Leptospira carriers may be up to 50%; this Leptospira is found in their urine.

House mice, found around houses and farms, can live and reproduce under several conditions. They consume and destroy food stuffs, very essential to human beings.
They infect food processing surfaces with droppings, which might contain a kind of bacteria, responsible for food poisoning (salmonellosis). Their continuous munching causes damage to buildings (isolation materials, cables, pipes, etc).
Mice build their nests with cut out pieces of paper or other fibrous materials. Damage to foodstuffs, recently munched materials, droppings and urine marks are evidence of mice activity in a place. Their presence can also be defined by a specific unpleasant smell and can be noticed from the noise of creeping or eating.
Mice can see during day time, as well as during the night. Their senses of hearing, smell and touch are all very keen. They are excellent climbers and can scramble up any rough vertical surface. They are able to run along cables and ropes and can jump over 30 cm high, from the ground.They can slip through unbelievable small openings, if only they manage to pass their head.
A female mouse can give birth up to 10 times per year, bringing forth 6 young every time.
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