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COLBROM PASTA (Bromadiolone 0,005%)
A new anticoagulent rodenticide in the form of fresh bait, with an odour very appealing to rodents .It has the ability to keep its features for a long time, being always a first choice food. This causes rapid killing of rodents, even in places with special odours, like food factories, fodder plants, etc.

STORM (Flocoumafen 0.005%)
Safe and appealing rodenticide. By a single meal, Storm kills rats and mice, including species resistant to anticoagulant products.
It comes in the following forms: a) small wax cubes 4gr, and b) wax blocks 20gr
NOTRAC BLOCK (Bromadiolone 0.005%)
Anticoagulant rodenticide bait, containing bromadiolone, for a single meal, highly attractive. Controls mice and rats very effectively, as well as rodent populations resistant to other rodenticides. Its effective shape, which is cubic, offers attractive sides and corners to rodents for chewing.

KLERAT (Brodifacoum 0.005%)
Anticoagulant rodenticide, containing brodifacoum, for a single meal. One intake of the bait is enough to kill rats and mice after a few hours or days. It comes in two forms of bait: 1) Blue wax blocks for use in places exhibited to moisture and 2) Red compressed cereal grinding products (pellets) for use in interior places.
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