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Cockroaches are well known carriers of serious diseases, such as salmonella, dysentery, gastroenteritis, and other stomach complaints. They spoil foodstuffs and spread pathogenic germs by their excrements.
They are very often responsible for respiration problems. Cockroaches change their skin regularly, during their life cycle. The fallen skin is carried through the air and can cause serious asthmatic reactions, especially in sensitive population groups such as childre n, elderly people and those with bronchitis problems.
Cockroaches, as most insects, start their life cycle as an egg. Female cockroaches produce egg sacks and lay them in safe places. A complete life cycle can be expanded to several months, depending on the species and environment conditions (temperature, humidity). Although hygiene and clean conditions are important factors for keeping cockroaches away, their appearance in a certain place is not absolutely cleanness-dependent, as it is often wrongly believed. They could appear even in the cleanest houses and enterprises. Cockroaches and their eggs are spread everywhere, on foodstuffs and packages.
Cockroaches can eat every organic substance, no matter how useful this is. As soon as they enter a place, they will search for garbage, open foodstuff boxes, sugar and fatty substances, even for glue used on boxes and books. They eat excrements of other cockroaches and dead cockroaches lying around, for feeding their young and take advantage of any nutritious substance. If you happen to see small spots, like pepper, in kitchen drawers, there are probably excrements of cockroaches nesting thereabouts.
During day light, cockroaches are hidding in dark, warm and safe  places such as wall hollows, gaps in walls or tiles, in the kitchen, bathroom, electric appliances and foodstuff packages. During the night, they come out of their hiding, searching for food. This is due to instinct for survival and t o several sensory organs.
If cockroaches are found in the house during daytime, then there is a big and serious problem.
If cockroaches’ invasion is left uncontrolled,   it may soon spread around and in a few weeks time there might be a serious health problem.
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