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Pyrethrinoid insecticide in the form of dust, with residual effects, for the control of flying and crawling insects. It is applied by spraying surfaces in residential areas and live stock breeding plants.
K-OTHRINE  2.5WP (Deltamethrine2.5%)
Pyrethrinoid insecticide for the control of: cockroaches, flies, mosquitos, ants, insects in empty store houses and in stored wheat. It is applied only by spraying on surfaces. The duration of action is up to 6 months, depending on weather conditions, absorption capacity of the surfaces sprayed on, as well as frequency of cleaning.
IMPERATOR  25 EC (Permethrine 25%)
Imperator is very effective against all insects of public health importance. It has extended residual effects and a high degree of safety for humans and other animals.
ICON CS (Lambda-cyhalothrin 2.5%)
This innovative and very active insecticide, in the form of microcapsule dispersion, controls effectively insects of public health importance. The active ingredient of Icon CS is protected from the light and pH and remains in action for a long time, even in open space applications, due to its microcapsule form.
Tenopa is a new generation pesticide with long residual effects. Includes two active ingredients, a pyrethrinoid for adult control (alphacypermethrine) and a growth regulator (flufenoxuron), covering, thus, all stages of the pest’s biological cycle.
FENDONA 6SC (Alphacypermethrin 6%)
Due to an innovative composition, alphacypermethrin in crystalline form, is adhered strongly on any surface and exterminates a lot of insect species, controls flying and crawling insects (cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, fleas, bed bugs, ants, etc). It is safe for humans and animals and is suitable for use in residential areas.
K-OBIOL 0.6 ULV (Deltamethrine 0.6%)

Κ-OBIOL 0,6 ULV is a ready to use insecticide from BAYER CropScience, having a broad spectrum of action against all cereal insects and ensuring long lasting protection (up to 8 months). There are not any negative effects on seed germination and on consumers. It is pure Deltamethrin (6g/lt) and Piperonyl Butoxyde (54g/lt).
We are exclusive distributors of Κ-OBIOL 0,6 ULV in Greece.
Κ-OBIOL 0,6 ULV can be used for the control of almost all storage insects
Highest dose: for long lasting protection,  8,4 litres Κ-OBIOL 0,6 ULV per 100 tons of product; for preventive applications and intermediate protection, about 4,2 litres Κ-OBIOL 0,6 ULV per 100 tons of product.
Application is performed at the time cereals are stored (in silos or store houses), always on a closed conveyor (radler) or at the base of the elevator, by means of a special Ultra Low Volume dosimetric pump, which we can provide you with, install it in your place and train your personnel in using it . By using this pump, you can regulate the exact portion of the pesticide per ton of cereals and achieve a uniform dispersion of the active ingredient, in the whole quantity of the product.

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