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Fumigation, is a method for insect control by use of a fumigant product, in order to control them in specific products and spaces. Fumigant is a chemical substance, which under favorable conditions of temperature, humidity and pressure, can produce a toxic gas in such a concentration as to be lethal for one or several species of insects. In a few words, fumigation is the insertion of a toxic gas in an isolated space (with or without products in it), in a high concentration and for a specific period of time, so as for the gas to fill the whole space and kill the existing insects, which is our objective. 
  • Fumigants are toxic to all kinds of living creatures. As a result, all stages of pests’ life cycle can be controlled, that is eggs, larvae, pupae, adults.
  • Fumigation, in many cases, is the fastest way to get rid of insects, so as to save time and money.
  • Fumigants can reach places where no other products in the form of spray, dust and air solution can do, like deep in huge piles of products in sacks, in holds of a ship, etc, due to their penetration ability.


  • Problems from residues are almost non existent in ship cargo, provided that the aeration of the loads is sufficient and according to the instructions of the specialized personnel.

  • Fumigants are used in cases that no insects at all are permitted by the standards, in products or in production places.


Our company  fumigate,  a variety of products and spaces.
1. Fumigation of stored cereals, in warehouses or silos
2. Fumigation of cargo ships at all ports of Greece
3. Fumigation of sacked products   in sheeted stacks
4. Fumigation of full or empty containers
5. Fumigation of empty warehouses
6. Fumigation of factories
7. Fumigation for control of woodworms
8. Fumigation to meet quarantine requirements
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